Learn@UW/D2L - Restricted File Types

This document summarizes the restricted file types that cannot be uploaded into courses through Manage Files.

Certain files are restricted and may not be uploaded through Manage Files for security reasons.

In addition, restricted files may not be uploaded to dropbox folders.

Such files could contain malicious or other harmful code that possess a potential risk to the installation and its users.

You can create Content topics from all file types that are not restricted.

Files with the following extensions are restricted:

.asa .asax .ascx .ashx
.asmx .asp .aspx .axd
.bat .cdx .cer .com
.config .cs .csproj .dll
.exe .idc .ini .jsl
.licx .rem .resources .resx
.shtm .shtml .soap .stm
.vb .vbproj .vjsproj .vsdisco

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