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Perceptive Content Fundamentals - Viewer Modes - Content Viewer
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Perceptive Content Viewer

Content Viewer is a robust tool that controls all aspects of viewing scanned documents. The Viewer is the primary user interface within Perceptive Content.

Perceptive Content Viewer

This overview introduces you to the various Modes of the Viewer.

Viewer Modes

When you open a document in Content, the document is launched in Content Viewer. Content Viewer is where most of the document processing takes place. Content Viewer has several toolbars, views, and components that display during the various stages of document processing.

The Content Viewer has several individual modes for viewing and processing objects. Each mode is designed for specific tasks and has its own toolbar. Though the modes look similar, the options and toolbars available change with each different mode.

You do not need to select Content Viewer modes, specific modes automatically open based on the task you are performing, For example, if you are viewing objects, View Mode opens; if you are processing a workflow item, Workflow Mode opens, and so forth.

The current mode always displays in the Content Viewer title bar. The modes and their functions are:

Current View Modes and their function.
Viewer - QA Mode Opening a "Scan/Import Completed" batch from Batch View. Review each page of a batch to make sure it was captured properly.
Viewer - Link Mode Opening a "QA Completed" batch from Batch View. Links each page of a batch using selected LearnMode Applet. Annotation possible.
Viewer - Document Mode Opening a document from the Document View. View and annotate documents.
Viewer - Workflow Mode Opening an item from the Workflow View. Review, re-link, and route documents. Annotation possible.
Viewer - Preview Mode Opening a workflow item from the Workflow View in Content Explorer Viewer. P review or merge workflow item being processed. Annotation possible.
Viewer - Scan Mode Scanning documents. Review, save, rescan, or discard scanned document. Annotation possible.
Viewer - Package Mode Scanning documents (only available if Package Scanning is configured). Scan, sort, and link numerous documents simultaneously.
Viewer - Project Mode Opening a project from the Project View. Review and re-link documents. Annotation possible.

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