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Perceptive Content Viewer

Content Viewer is a robust tool that controls all aspects of viewing scanned documents. The Viewer is the primary user interface within Perceptive Content.

Perceptive Content Viewer

This overview introduces you to Annotations using the Viewer.


Annotations are used to mark up and add comments to a document without affecting the original image. You can position annotations where you need in the document. Content offers many types of annotations so you can express the different points you want to make. For example, in Content, you can express your review of a document by stamping it approved, signing off on it using a pen, or adding a check mark. You can also add sticky notes to add small notes to a document object, either inline or as a global comment on the document.

Annotations enable you to select, add notes to, or even block out parts of a document. Annotations can easily be created or customized to fit your needs. TIFF(.tif), JPEG(.jpg), Bitmap(.bmp), GIF(.gif) and PNG(.png) files support annotations. When you add an annotation, it is saved with the document image. You can delete or temporarily hide annotations to make a document image that is heavily marked easier to view.

Perceptive Content Annotation Bar


Redaction is the act of removing sensitive, private or confidential information from a document in a way that hides that information without distorting the meaning of the document. The original document stays in the system as the legal record, so that it is available for auditing, assessment, or litigation purposes.

Perceptive Content Annotation/Redaction Options

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