ECMS - Perceptive Content Fundamentals - Modifying Documents

Imaging - Perceptive Content Fundamentals - Modifying Documents

Modifying Documents

One can using Perceptive Content to modify document keys and pages or to merge separate documents into one document.

Modifying Document Keys

In Content, a document key, such as drawer, folder, or tab, holds a value that allows you to file a document in an organized and searchable manner within Content. When you change a document key value in the search grid or in workflow, the effect is to move the corresponding document from one drawer, folder, or tab to another. You cannot change a custom property value from the Content Explorer grid.

Document Pages

In addition to document keys, custom properties and document properties, Content documents normally consist of one or more pages. A page represents an image captured by a scanner or a file imported from your file system. You usually scan pages to TIFF files. You can import pages in any file format, and pages in different formats can reside in a single document. For example, your imported document might contain several pages in Microsoft Word format and additional pages in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

You can tell how many pages a document has by opening a view or filter in Content Explorer and inspecting the Pages column, by opening a document and viewing the Thumbnails pane of Content Viewer, or by checking the document properties. When granted the appropriate drawer or document type privileges, you can manage pages with the following actions:


When Content merges two or more documents, it creates a multi-page Content document. The documents that become pages within the merged document are called "source" documents. The final document that you select, when assembling documents to be merged, is known as the "target" document because all of the index values of the source documents are replaced by the corresponding index values of the target document. You cannot merge documents that are marked private or documents that are checked out to another user. Only one member of the merged documents can be in version control, and it must be the target document. A merge also occurs when you append a page tg/a document in Content Explorer either by scanning the source page or selecting it from a folder.