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Perceptive Content Fundamentals


In the Standard Indexing Schema, Folders allow you to group documents together according to a logic that you and the administrator define. While Perceptive Content documents continue to be grouped or categorized by document keys, Folders provide another way to let you group or filter on documents independently of these indexes. Based on a Folder type set up by a user with Folder type creation privileges, new Folders can then be created by users, After you locate the documents that you want to add to a Folder -- either from Perceptive Content Explorer or Perceptive Content Viewer, you can add them to a Folder of a certain Folder type.

Perceptive Content View Window

For example, a Folder type might be "New Hires" and a new Folder might be "John Jones." The documents you want to add to the John Jones Folder are his resume, employment application, W4 and healthcare forms.

One advantage of the Folder design is that Folder types can contain criteria and other metadata, such as assigned document types and other customized properties that assist users in their review of documents grouped by Folder. In our example, the New Hires Folder type would be set up with attributes to ensure that all the document requirements for that type are met before the John Jones Folder can be considered complete.

After documents are assigned to Folders, you can search for a Folder based on its properties in Perceptive Content Explorer. You can conduct various tasks on them from Perceptive Content Folder Viewer. For example. from Folder Viewer, you can conduct numerous tasks such as to modify the general properties and custom properties, and work with documents as you normally would using the options provided in the Document Tasks pane evident in all Perceptive Content viewing modes. Folders can be used for student folders, financial claim packages, and document management users who like to keep related items together in a folder-like context.

Folders will most likely be used for student folders, financial claim packages, and document management users who want to keep unrelated items together in a usable context. The Perceptive Content Folder Viewer provides a filter for looking at Perceptive Content documents by their assigned Folder. From this view, you can then edit a Folders properties, add the Folder to workflow, delete the Folder, view any related Folders, edit general properties, and add or remove documents to that Folder.

For information regarding the use of Folders with the Content Modeling Indexing Schema, refer to the eLearning associated with this course.

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