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What is a Workflow Process?

A workflow process is a series of tasks and rules reflecting the review path a document, called a workfiow item, must take in order to meet the sign off and approval requirements of your work group. Queues and routes are the basic building blocks of a workflow process. Queues are connected by routes, and then there are rules, alarms, and actions that you can apply to your process in order to meet more advanced requirements. The ability to administer processes is handled by the Manage Workflow privilege. Each department in an organization can manage its own process. For example, an accounts payable process typically involves invoice processing. To review invoices over a certain dollar amount requiring a higher level of approval, you can create your own process with tasks and rules that capture this subset of invoices for special review.

There are three major types of workflow processes and Perceptive Software supports each of them including variations where an organization may build multiple workflow models or combine them into a single process:

  • Ad-hoc workflow: Used by dynamic workgroups that run individual processes for each document, this typically relies heavily on e-mail and the use of alerts.
  • Transactiombased workflow: This is a task~based workflow that usually involves lengthy and complicated processes, such as loan or claims processing, that involves multiple document types and a high level of customization.
  • Document-centric workflow: Focus is on the document as the unifying object in the workflow process. Documents are associated with owners, applications, rules, and routes.

Perceptive Content Workflow Example

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