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Perceptive Content Fundamentals

Workflow Alarm Rules

Perceptive Content provides queue alarms that can alert one or more users of a critical task that needs to be performed or that is now ready to be performed. Alarms are useful because they relieve the user from having repeated inspections of the status of multiple queues to determine whether critical tasks have been performed within a certain time frame.

You can add the following kinds of alarms to a queue:

You must be logged in as a workflow Administrator to be permitted to create alarms, rules, queues, and other elements comprising workflow from the Workflow Designer utility.

All of the users with the process privilege for the queue where the alarm was triggered receive the alarms, except for the owner, managers, and users with the global manage workflow processes privilege. That is because these user roles automatically have the process privilege for every queue in the system. These users can receive e-mail alarms since e-mail addresses can be added manually. Since Message Center, Icon, and Audible alarms are not activated for users with owner, manager, or user with management privileges roles, to test these three kinds of alarms, you must log in as a user who is not any of these three roles.

Perceptive Content Alarms