ASA Document 341A. Resolution to minimize health care contributions - 12/04

Passed by the Assembly on 13 December, 2004

Resolution to avoid increases in required 
employees' health insurance contributions 
in the 2005-07 biennial budget

The UW-Madison Academic Staff Assembly asks the Governor and the State Legislature to avoid increases in required employee contributions to state group health insurance during the 2005-07 biennium. Maintaining high quality health care at minimal cost to employees is vital to retaining our best employees and to attracting new employees in a competitive market. This is particularly important given the current context in which salaries have lagged behind those of peer institutions.

The Assembly endorses and supports the recent innovative steps taken by the Group Insurance Board and the Governor to provide quality health care at a more reasonable cost to state government, beyond simply shifting costs to the employees. The Assembly commends Employee Trust Fund staff for successfully implementing the three-tier contribution structure and establishing a pharmacy benefit manager, as approved by the Group Insurance Board.

The UW-Madison Academic Staff Assembly notes the following: