WiscWeb CMS - Best Practices for Implementing Navigation and Layout

This document will help you implement your website in WiscWeb CMS. It can be used during initial website creation, as well as when you add new sub-menus to your WiscWeb CMS site.

It is highly recommended that you read and adhere to the guidelines in WiscWeb CMS - Best Practices for Designing Website Navigation. Many of the topics discussed in that document will be referenced here.

Creating Pages

Your Home page will be your top tier of content for your website. It will be the first page that all of your visitors see when going to your website, and all other web pages will be created in WiscWeb CMS will map back to the Home page.

Before adding content to the Home, you should first create placeholder pages for all of your websites pages.

The instructions below will walk you through adding subpages to your home page. In the examples, each of these subpages ends with "Foundation Page" so that the pages can be easily searched for in the future. Having a consistent naming schema for your website will help you easily search for pages on your site. For example, if you search for Board Games, and find a hits for "Board Games Foundation Page" and "Board Games Text Area," you can be reasonably certain that the "Board Games Foundation Page" is the page that is visible when users click on Board Games in the Top Navigation. I can then ascertain that "Board Games Text Area" is the text that appears on the "Board Games Foundation Page."

  1. Open SmartEdit and navigate to your home page.

  2. Click on the Page Info tab at the top of the page. Click on Open Page.

    page info displayed while highlight open page

  3. Click on Subpages.

    page info displayed highlighting clicking on subpages

  4. Click on Create and Connect Page.


  5. Click on Blank Page.

    highlighting where to click for blank page

  6. Enter a headline. You will want a headline that describes the content of the page as well as what kind of page it is. This should follow your naming schema mentioned at the top of this section. In this screenshot, we created the headline of "Card Games Foundation Page."

    showing where to enter text for the headline

  7. Click OK in the lower right hand corner.

  8. You have successfully created a subpage. Click on one of the tab next to SmartEdit at the top of the page, then click back on SmartEdit. This will refresh the page. Click on the "+" symbol next to Home Page in the left hand column and then click on Page Info. You should now see your first subpage in both locations.

    subpages created in left nav column and page info

  9. There is still more work to do to complete your first subpage. You have already given the page a headline, but you will also need to give it a name that will appear on your website itself. From the Page Info screen, click on your subpage (Card Game Foundation Page in this example) and then click on Open Page.

    highlighting where to open page on the card game foundation page

  10. Several new editing options will appear as red dots. Click on the red dot next to "General Information."

    showing where red dot is next to general information

  11. Enter the text you want to display on your page. In this example, we want "Card Games" to appear in the Top Navigation bar. The menu on the bottom of the page allows you to determine where the page displays (Top or Side Navigation) and also lets you turn those features on or off if you don't want Top or Side Navigation on your website.

    naming the page and displaying different navigation options

  12. Continue following the above process to create all of your subpages. Following the example used at the top of WiscWeb CMS - Best Practices for Designing Website Navigation, the navigation when completed looks like this:

    completed navigation and layout

You are now ready to add content to the page! See the following document to walk you through that process: WiscWeb CMS - Adding New Content to a Page.

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