E-Warrants Training

This document contains information for new e-warrants users. The process of requesting an e-warrant and printing an e-warrant are discussed here.

Request Access to the E-Warrants System: Graduate Program Coordinators should fill out the following Google form to request access to the e-warrants system: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14ZZVQSu2WKFHbq5ddWevB9kY_L2gnQoPJax6bL6uwH8/viewform?usp=send_form#start=invite Please allow 2 weeks for access to be approved by the Graduate School and ImageNow security at DoIT.

Link to Request an E-Warrant in GREU: https://my.gradsch.wisc.edu/greu/sara.html

The following PDF contains information about the e-warrants process. The warrant request starts with the Graduate School Education Utilities (GREU: https://my.gradsch.wisc.edu/greu/sara.html) system to find your student of interest and then takes you to the ImageNow forms server where you will enter the request online. The ImageNow forms server is an online form that looks very similar to the paper form that used to be filled out. The warrant request comes to the Graduate School and goes through a workflow process in order to be approved. Once the Graduate School staff approve the warrant, the coordinator will get an e-mail telling them it has been approved. The e-mail will contain a web link to access the warrant online through WebNow as a PDF. Coordinators can print the warrant or send it as a PDF to the student. The final warrant needs to be printed, signatures obtained, and returned to the Graduate School, 217 Bascom Hall.

E-Warrants Process Overview: processchart.pdf

The next PDF outlines the actual steps required to request an e-warrant. There are screen shots on this document to show you what you should be seeing in each screen. Again the process will take you from GREU to the ImageNow forms server to request the warrant.

Requesting an E-Warrant: Ewarrants-GREUandformsserver.pdf

The next PDF includes the steps for printing the approved graduate degree e-warrant from WebNow. The coordinator will get an e-mail with a web link telling them that the warrant has been approved. The link will take you to WebNow where you will find your warrant in the Grad_EWarrants drawer. There are a few small steps to take in order to print the warrant or save it as a PDF. The e-warrant does NOT need to be printed on special paper; plain white printer paper is just fine. Although the warrant request process was done electronically, the final approved warrant needs to be printed and original signatures obtained.

Printing the Approved E-Warrant: Ewarrants-printingfromWebNowinstructions.pdf

Fall 2014 HLC Related Updates to E-Warrants: HLCEWarrantsUpdatesF2014.pdf

Preview each type of e-warrant request and the corresponding Fall 2014 updates.

Masters: HLCMastersWarrant.pdf

PhD Prelim: HLCPhDPrelimWarrant.pdf

PhD Final: HLCPhDFinalWarrant.pdf

Professional: HLCProfessionalWarrant.pdf

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