ASA Document 375. Madison Campus Academic Staff Assembly Resolution on the Growth Agenda for the University of Wisconsin System

 Academic Staff Assembly Document #375

11 December 2006

Madison Campus Academic Staff Assembly Resolution

on the Growth Agenda for the University of Wisconsin System




The University of Wisconsin System has proposed a “Growth Agenda” that includes: enrolling more Wisconsin residents with the objective of increasing the number of residents who hold four-year college degrees; attracting college graduates from other states to Wisconsin; and using university resources to grow knowledge-based economy jobs for Wisconsin’s future; and



The “Growth Agenda” combines campus-specific initiatives into a system-wide plan; and



The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s role in the proposed Growth Agenda is primarily to enhance and expand the state’s world-class research engine; and



A substantial component of said research engine is the valuable contributions made by academic staff researchers and support personnel; and



We believe it is the role of the President of the UW System to chart a positive vision for the future of the University, therefore,


Be it resolved that the Academic Staff Assembly of the University of Wisconsin Madison:

∙           Endorses the overall concept of the University of Wisconsin System’s Growth Agenda; and

∙           Stands ready and willing to contribute to the success of the Madison campus efforts to make the Growth Agenda successful; and

∙           Supports efforts by the University of Wisconsin System and the Board of Regents to seek a deeper commitment on the part of the state to invest in growing the UW System through the Growth Agenda.