WiscWeb CMS - Checking Links on your Site

This document gives you several options to check for broken links and URLs on your site.

Check URL

WiscWeb CMS has a link checker for external links only. This means pages that are linked to that don't exist in your site will be checked (e.g. www.google.com). Links to pages within your site will not be checked, meaning if you link to pages that are not published, those links will still be broken and not identified with this check.

To use Check URL:

  1. You can use Check URL from SmartEdit or SmartTree.:
    • In SmartEdit, open the page by clicking on the red dot in the upper left hand corner. Then right-click anywhere on the page, choose Validate > Check URLs.

      right clicking to see the validate menu with the check url option

    • In SmartTree, navigate to the page you are checking. Highlight the page and choose Check URLs from the right-hand menu.

      showing where check URL is located in the right hand navigation menu

  2. A list of URLs should display. If no URLs display, it means that there are no external URLs on that page to check.

  3. By default, all URLs are checked. If you want to check all URLs, leave them all check and click Check Selected URLs in the lower right hand corner. If you want to check just certain URLs, place a checkmark next to the URLs you want to check and click Check Selected URLs.

  4. You will be emailed the status of the selected URLs.

Linkchecker for Firefox

Linkchecker is a Firefox plug-in that will scan a single page on a published website to determine if there are broken links. After installing it (see URL below), you can access Linkchecker in the Tools menu by clicking on Check Page Links. Browse to the page you want to check, click on Check Page Links, and all links will be checked and their status will be color coded on the website. Green is a valid link, red is an invalid link, and a yellow link requires further investigation.


Check Link by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

If you would like to check all links (internal and external) for your published site, a free tool by the W3C will run a scan of all links on your site. If you have a large website, this scan could take a while to run.

Go to http://validator.w3.org/checklink and enter your URL to run the scan. When it completes, click on results to see any broken links on your site.

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