fsaATLAS - Service Description

This document gives an overview of fsaATLAS.


fsaATLAS is a web-based visa case management application used by the students and scholar advisors in the International Student Services (ISS), Graduate Admissions, International Faculty and Staff Services, and Undergraduate Admissions offices. All international scholars and students must have a record entered in SEVIS, which is the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System managed by the Department of Homeland Security.

fsaATLAS can be used to perform a variety of functions to support international students and staff, including data entry, report generation, SEVIS data uploads and downloads, and visa management. With fsaATLAS, ISS can maintain SEVIS compliance, work more effectively to attract and retain international students and scholars, and increase productivity and service across all areas of responsibility.

Support Conditions

Users of this service are limited to staff working in the following offices:

As a web-based application, certain browser requirements must be met to ensure all functions work as expected. See fsaATLAS - Recommended Browsers for more information.

In addition, the following software requirements must be met in order to use all features:


fsaATLAS is generally available 24x7, with the exception of a regularly scheduled maintenance window every Wednesday from 6:00pm to midnight.