Web Hosting - Windows/IIS - DoIT Developer Secure FTP and File Share Access

DoIT developers have additional Secure FTP, File Sharing and Web Deploy access that is specific to the individual (non-role-based).

AD/NetID Windows/IIS/ASP Access:

When a DoIT developer is listed as a contact for a Windows/IIS/ASP account their AD/NetID login will gain permissions to access the domains as part of the account.

This allows for mapping a drive (//servername.doit.wisc.edu/vhosts$),  Secure FTP, and WebDeploy access to the server(s) with publishing permissions to these specific locations.

If this is a new contact for Shared Web Hosting please contact us to add the individual to our database of users.  If this person is already in our database, any site contacts can lookup and add the person(s) as needed to their accounts (or contact us for assistance).

    Need Help?

    To request a new login or assistance with a developer login, please email: webhosting@doit.wisc.edu

    For other Windows/IIS publishing options, see: [Link for document 42428 is unavailable at this time]