Blackboard Collaborate Original - Large Group Participatory User Template (UW-Madison)

Use cases and descriptions for using Blackboard Collaborate aimed at a large group with non-moderator participation.

(Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only, if you are looking for help or information on Collaborate Ultra, go here

Large Group, Participatory
: (Large group, 15 or more.  Participatory, moderate to major use of break out rooms, polls and /or non-moderator use of video and audio) 

Examples: Virtual Department Meeting, Virtual Staff Meeting, Review Session.

Tools Needed: Video, Audio, Whiteboard, Application Sharing, Web Tour, Chat, File Transfer, Break Out Rooms, Polls, Timer.

Student or non-moderator Permissions needed: Whiteboard, Chat, Video, Audio.

Recommended Organization:  For large groups it is best to have at least two moderators at all times. One moderator to host and coordinate the content of the session (whether that be a single lecture, a number of presentations, etc.) and another one to help participants with any technical issues, field questions via chat and/or queue questions for the presenter or chairperson.
To ensure the session runs smoothly, log-on 15-30 minutes early to set-up audio and video, enable permissions and load content.

(Note:  If you want to set up a collaborate session for students to use as a collaborative space without an instructor present, you will need to set-up the session to allow everyone moderator privileges on entry.)

For more in-depth explanations of the different Collaborate Tools, please visit the following website and click on the tool name in the index: