Eudora (Mac) - Migrating from Eudora to Thunderbird

This document outlines how to transfer Eudora's mail and Address book into the Thunderbird Client.

Best Effort Only
NOTE: Eudora is no longer available for download through DoIT. The Help Desk provides best effort support for Eudora only. Users of Eudora are strongly encouraged to migrate to a new email client.

Note on IMAP versus POP

There are 2 ways to check your mail, IMAP and POP. Using POP the messages are only stored on your computer. In IMAP all the messages are saved on our server, so they can be accessed from anywhere. This means that if you are using IMAP, you do not need to transfer your messages from Eudora to another client, you only need to configure the new client for IMAP and all the messages will be there. If you are using POP however, you can either have the new client extract the messages from Eudora directly (which not all can do), or use IMAP to transer the messages. To find out which you are using, pull down Tools and go into Options. In the Checking Mail category, it will say if you are using POP or IMAP.

Transferring Mailboxes

  1. If you are opening Thunderbird for the first time, it will prompt you to import settings, but Eudora will not be an option. Press Cancel.
  2. Importing Wizard

  3. Next Thunderbird will bring up the New Account Setup press Cancel here as well.
  4. New Account Setup

  5. Press Exit when asked if you are sure.

  6. Pull down Tools, go into Import... and highlight Mail. Press Next.
  7. Import

  8. Highlight Eudora and press Next.
  9. Import from Eudora

  10. You can then choose where to import the mail from. The default location is Documents -> Eudora Folder -> Mail Folder. If you are using the default directory, it should come up automatically. If it does not, you will need to search your computer for Eudora Folder and tell the importer to look at the directory it is in.
  11. Import Mailboxes

  12. Then you will receive a report of how many messages were imported, press Finish and you mail should now appear.

Transferring Address Book

  1. Pull down Tools and go into Import.

  2. Select Address Books and press Next.

  3. Highlight Eudora and press Next.

  4. You will have to choose the directory that your Eudora Address Book is stored in. By default it is Documents -> Eudora Folder. Ensure that the Eudora Folder is highlighted and press Choose.
  5. Import Mailboxes

  6. The importer will report that it successfully found the Addresses. Press Finish and your Address Book will appear.

Configuring Thunderbird to receive new mail

  • Please see the following link to set up Thunderbird with WiscMail: Office 365 (Thunderbird) - Configure Thunderbird