Case Scenario Critical Reader - Authoring - Integration Into Moodle - 2) Preparing your CSCR for Moodle (UW-Madison)

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In order to prepare a CSCR for Moodle, there are a few things that we will need to do.

  • Outline:
    • Add a Start and Stop marker to your project.
    • Add a Description to the Question or button.
    • Add a score to the question/button.
    • Set the Start/Stop/None Markers

Start/Stop/None Marker
Clicking the icon with the "Arrow Pointing to the Cloud" reveals the "Tracking" options to record score. Click on "Marker" to set whether that button should be the "Start" marker, "Stop" marker, or "None". The start and stop markers set the boundaries to where you want Moodle to start recording scores, and when it should stop. Questions and buttons in between the Start and Stop markers should have a marker of "None".

Description Field
The description field is there to help you identifying what buttons were pressed in the tool when viewing the results in Moodle.

Guidelines For Easy Excel Processing
In order to facilitate processing the results in Excel, the description field must follow certain guidelines.

  1. Begin the answer description by entering the question number followed by a dash.
    Note: Do not add any other dashes in the description label, even if something is hyphenated.
  2. Enter : Correct or Incorrect Depending on the Answer.
  3. Finally enter information about the Answer Clicked.

This formatting of your description will allow you to use "Text to Columns" and "Conditional Formatting" to easily sort and label your data.

  1. Use Text to Columns with the delimiter being the dash "-"
  2. Use Conditional Formatting, apply cells matching "Correct" green and "Incorrect" Red.

Step 1) Question Number and hyphen
1 -

Step 2) Correct or Incorrect
1 - Incorrect >

Step 3) Add your Description
1 - Incorrect > Answer 2

In order for Moodle to record a Button press or an Answer press, it has to have a score attached. Make sure that incorrect answers also have a score - often zero - so that Moodle can track them.


Bangladesh Project Example: Preparing Project for Moodle

----------------> Setting the Start Marker
To Begin preparing this project for Moodle. Start by double clicking the "Continue" button on the "Introduction" page in order to open up the object settings box.

  • Click the arrow pointing to the cloud to reveal the score settings.
  • Type into each field the following text:
    • ID: leave this field blank the tool will generate one
    • Description: User Has Started the Module
    • Score/Data: 0
    • Marker box : select "Start"


Note: The "Start" marker should only be set once in a project.

To track other buttons through the project:

  • Leave ID field blank the tool will generate one
  • Fill Description field
  • Insert a score to the score field. Do Not Leave Blank
  • Leave Marker as "None"

----------------> Adding score tracking to Questions

Multiple Choice

  • Navigate to the child page "Question 1" on the right side of the top-level page "Knowledge Check".
  • Double click on the question to edit its settings.
  • On the left side under "Selection" click on the first answer to put focus on it.
  • Click the arrow pointing to cloud button.
  • Type into each field the following text:
    • ID: Leave blank the tool will generate one
    • Description: 1 - Correct > India
    • Score/Data: 0
    • Marker: None


- Repeat these steps with the following answers and be sure to change the score for the correct answer. The next question will look like the image below.


Note: Auto-generated ID Tag is visible in this image.

Select All that Apply

  • Feedback to multiple-choice questions is added to the different answer combinations of responses - All Right, Some Right, or None Right.
  • Select All Right and then click on the arrow pointing to the cloud icon.


    Type into each field the following text:
    • ID: Leave blank the tool will generate one
    • Description: 1 - Correct > All Right
    • Score/Data: 10
    • Marker: None


- Repeat these steps with the next questions, updating the Description and Score/Data field to reflect the answers selected "Some Right" and "None Right".

Fill in the Blank

  • In the Fill in the blank questions, each blank contains one scoring box to set properties, regardless of how many answer choices are inside that blank.
  • Note the two answers on the image below. When Moodle records these, it will use the same description/score whether the user types "Blank" or "blank".
    • ID: Leave blank, the tool will generate one
    • Description: 1 - Correct > Blank
    • Score/Data: 10
    • Marker: None>

Below is what the Score tracking box will look like.

Fillintheblank objectscore4

Note: Moodle will only record the last attempt the user has entered before moving on to the next page.

----------------> Setting the Stop Maker - Placement of the stop marker is important. We want it to be in a button or question that a user is required to click on and that will give us a stopping point that accurately reflects the time a user spent on this module. In this module, we will place it on the button the user is required to click in order to reach the conclusions page. This button is selected on the image below.

  • Double click on the button and click on the arrow pointing to cloud icon.
  • Type into each field the following text:
    • ID: Leave blank, the tool will generate one
    • Description: User Has Finished Module
    • Score/Data: 0
    • Marker: STOP

Note: There should only be one "Stop" marker in your project. If you forget to add it to your project, Moodle will show an "incomplete" next to the users name.

Below is a screenshot of part of the table recorded by Moodle for this specific Module. Image of Moodle spreadsheet with students answers


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