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Unlike PowerPoint, where an end-user typically advances in a linear slide-by-slide progression, CS/CR is a Web-based, hyperlinked environment with the ability to provide complex branching. Authors must insert and manage page-by-page connections to enable links between new or existing pages, to URLs, or to attached documents, using the Attach Action menu items. Each time you select a link or button (Trigger) in the authoring tool, the inspector displays the selected link's destination (Target). You can then Update the link's Action.

Similar to Web Management tools such as Dreamweaver, CS/CR maintains connections even if destination pages are moved or renamed.

You can attach actions either by selecting the text or an object (e.g. button, image) and using the Attach Action button.

Attachable actions:

Jump to Page -- Jump to another page within your project (you indicate to which page the action jumps).

Jump to New Page -- Jump to a new page in your project.

Link to URL -- Creates a link to the URL that you provide.

Open File -- Triggers the opening of a file that you upload.

Show Popup -- Triggers a popup. You provide the title and content of the popup.

Send Report -- Sends an email to you (instructor) with a score report.

Close Window -- If your content appears in a popup window, you can close the window with this action.

Show Rollover Text -- You provide text that appears when you mouse over selected text in your project.

Jump Split Page to Pages - This option will be available if an action is added to an object inside a split page and will allow you to simultaneously navigate to different right/left child pages inside the split page.

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