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Text can be edited by selecting options in the edit bar for:

  • bold
  • italics
  • underline
  • strikethrough

There are options for justification (left, center, right, full) and bulleted or numbered lists.

There are also options for text and highlight color. Colors can be chosen by clicking the box and choosing a color from the palette that appears.

To remove formatting from text, highlight the desired text and click the X button at the far end of the edit bar.

The "Make Text" drop down menu (found in the edit bar) is for:

  • creating a scroll box within which you can place lengthy text selections that otherwise would occupy too much space on the page
  • changing the direction of text, making it read left-to-right or right-to-left
  • changing font size or making a header

To perform these edits, first select the text and then click the proper button on the edit bar or choose the proper option in the "Make Text" drop down menu.


Note: Bullets need to be removed with the same button they were added. Highlight the text or image with bullet point and then press the bulleted list button.

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