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::::::::: CSB Reporting :::::::::

CSB (Case Scenario Builder) Reporting is a simple web utility designed to work with content generated from the Case Scenario Builder authoring tool.

It allows content authors to log-in and enable a reporting endpoint that can receive results fromquizzes and activities and email those results to themselves.

The current version supports only the Google Federated Login API (gmail address login) or PubCookie authentication optimized for UW-Madison's implementation.

:::: Requirements ::::

To deploy the CSB Reporting service your server environment should match up with these requirements:

- Unix-based operating system (Linux, Mac OS X Server, etc.)

- PHP 5.2+ or PHP 5.3+

- MySQL 5+

- An empty MySQL DB set up for it's use

- Shibboleth or Pubcookie authentication

:::: Configuration ::::

You'll need to adjust these files to match you server environment and URL domain:

Directory Structure

-- scorereport: folder containing php scripts, the root to our applicationcon

-- point config.json to this folder ("/applicationDir/")

-- point servicecommon.php to this folder as well ("")

- config.json

- This is the application directory configuration for the client application. If you are deploying the CSB Reporting service at the top-level of your domain, set the "applicationDir" property to be "/". If you are using a sub-directory: "/mysubdirectory/"

- In our example:

We set "/applicationDir/" in the config.json file to be "/scorereport/"

- servicecommon.php

- This is the configuration for the PHP application.

- "$serverURL" should be set to the top-level domain this application will be hosted at.

- "$appDir" should be the same value as the "applicationDir" property in "config.json"

- "$pubcookieDomain" is if you are using it, and should be set to the domain that is being used for the authentication.

- "R::setup", this call should contain your MySQL connection string

- In our example:

$serverURL = "";

$appDir = "/scorereport/";

$pubcookieDomain = "";


- pcauth/.htaccess

- If you are using the pubcookie authentication the "PubcookieAppID" value should be set to your top-level domain.

- If you aren't using this, you can delete the "pcauth" directory

In our Example:

We made the following additions to .htaccess

AuthType shibboleth

ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1

Require valid-user

Options FollowSymLinks

# AllowOverride All

Options +Includes

ShibRequireSession On

ShibUseHeaders on

Require shibboleth

:::: Gotchas ::::

If at any time the Google Login authentication fails, try changing the "$store_path" variable in "oidcommon.php" to a new name.


Select the package for the version of PHP you will be using below


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