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There are typically 4 objects you'll need to work with when creating scoring and branching (branching is optional):

For quiz questions, such as Multiple Choice and Select All That Apply, you need to click the Score arrow-cloud icon inside the answer content section for each response item. A Pop-up window appears where you can assign values to each question response item . You must fill-in an ID and Score/Data value for each response selection item that you would like to assign a value to. The Description field is optional and you don't need to fill it in.


In addition to the quiz question you also need to place a Score Display object on a page where you want the user to see how well they did.


If you want users to branch to specific pages based on their score (optional), you'll need to link to a page that contains a Score Redirect object. This is a separate page and object that is never seen by the user.


If users are taken back to the beginning a of critical reader to go through it again because of a low score, you'll need to place a Score Reset object somewhere at the end of the application before they return to the beginning. The Score Reset is not visible to users. It just resets their score back to zero. If you did not do this their score value continues to accumulate as the revisit previous quiz question.

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