D2L - AlcoholEdu and Tonight Courses (UW-Madison)

This document describes how to complete the AlcoholEdu and Tonight courses in D2L.

First-year students at UW Madison are required to complete the AlcoholEdu and Tonight courses, provided by University Health ServicesThese courses are available from within D2L (Desire2Learn).

Students required to take these courses will need to complete them by the required deadlines. Missing the completion deadline for either course could result in an enrollment hold being placed on your student record, prohibiting you from enrolling in upcoming terms. 

To complete the AlcoholEdu and Tonight courses:

1. Log on to D2L using your UW-Madison NetID credentials.
2. On your My Course Dashboard, under "Current," look for the AlcoholEdu and Tonight courses, then click into each course and follow the completion instructions. For information about each course's completion requirements, see their respective websites:

NOTE: Only first-year students are enrolled in the AlcoholEdu and Tonight courses within D2L. Others interested in taking these courses should contact alcoholedu@uhs.wisc.edu (for AlcoholEdu access) or tonight@uhs.wisc.edu or visit www.uhs.wisc.edu/tonight (for Tonight access).

Technical considerations

Tonight course technical considerations:
  • Tonight contains audio and video, therefore you will need a computer with audio. All audio is closed captioned. Please be aware that the quality of your internet connection will affect the speed at which the videos in the course load and play. If the videos seem to be playing too slowly or are stalling or not loading, please check the quality of your internet connection.
  • View in full screen. Tonight is optimized to play in full screen, and most video size issues can be resolved by viewing in full screen.  To open the program in a full screen, use the new window (above the Tonight program screen on the right). This will reload the slide you were last viewing.
  • Do not use a mobile device. Plan to complete Tonight on a desktop or laptop, as your progress will not be tracked on a tablet or mobile device. 
  • You will need the latest Flash player to view. To download, please click here: www.adobe.com/go/getflash. Users without the Flash Player installed or enabled on their browsers may see an "Error Loading Player. No playable sources found" message. If you see this message, make sure you have the most current version of the Flash Player installed and enabled on your browser.
  • Avoid using Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers. Due to a technical issue with the Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers, it's recommended that you use a different browser to complete Tonight.
  • Plan to complete Tonight in one sitting. If you exit the course before you've completed it, your progress should be saved. However, there have been several reports of progress not being saved. Therefore, it's best to plan to complete the course in one sitting, as there's no guarantee your progress will be tracked if you exit the course early. (The course takes approximately 42 minutes to complete.)
  • Accessing the Tonight post-quiz. After you view the entire course you should be able to access the Post Test. If the Post Test doesn't immediately become available, it's recommended you log out of D2L then log back in, and refresh your browser. 

AlcoholEdu course technical considerations:
  • System requirements. Please see this document for information regarding the specific system requirements for AlcoholEdu, including how to contact the Customer Support line.
    • AlcoholEdu is a web-based course containing audio and video, so you will need a computer with audio. 
    • Some browsers may require you to have Flash player installed, as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader (both are are free downloads). 
    • You should view the course in a web browser that has been updated in the past two years.
    • AlcoholEdu is best viewed with a minimum 1024x768 screen resolution. You may be able to view the course using other settings, but some elements of the course may not display properly.
  • Avoid using Internet Explorer. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are recommended.
  • Do not use a mobile phone. AlcoholEdu is not optimized mobile phones, so do not plan to complete it on a smartphone. It will work on tablets, including Mobile Safari on iOS7 or newer, or on the default browser on Android 4.3+ (Jelly Bean).
  • Progress is saved each time you click 'Next', but if you log out before clicking the 'Next' at the end of a section you will have to repeat that section.

For more information

If you need help accessing the courses or experience technical issues, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

For more information about the courses, such as completion deadlines and FAQs, please visit the following websites:

Or, you can contact University Health Services:



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