Certificates - Undergraduate - FAQ: How does an undergraduate certificate seek approval to serve University Special students?

First, consult your school/college academic dean concerning interest in providing the undergraduate certificate to University Special students.  Certain schools/colleges have policy limiting certificates’ availability in extending enrollment to Special students.

If a certificate program’s faculty wish to commit to serving University Special students, and they have consulted their relevant school/college academic dean, they may submit a proposal for approval through Lumen Programs.  With department, school/college, and UAPC approval, the infrastructure to serve University Special students is created and placed in the student information system.

A proposal of this nature must be explicit that this opportunity is intended by the faculty, and must explain how the certificate is designed and resourced to accommodate the extra University Special students, keeping in mind that Special students enroll in courses as space allows, and that the program is making commitment to an increased academic administration and advising responsibility.

For more detailed information regarding what will be required in a proposal requesting ability to serve University Special students, please consult section 12 of the certificate guidelines, here: Guidelines for Undergraduate Certificate Programs.

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