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Please refrain from developing new CSCR modules. UW-Madison is moving to the Canvas LMS. While CSCR modules can be loaded into Canvas courses, they cannot be connected to the Canvas gradebook. A team from the Teaching and Learning Technology Advisory Group (TLTAG) created a recommendation for alternate tools that you can see here. Members of the transition team would like to meet with you to help you select the solution(s) that best meets your needs to move your content. Please let us know when we can best assist you by completing this form or contact the designated instructional technologist for your school or college.

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Step 1: Download the .csbproject file from the Collaborative Sites CSCR library. 1. Visit: 2. Click on the library tab and locate the specific CSCR file you'd like to include in your class. 3. Select the CSCR title and scroll down just below the CSCR itself. You should see a logo that looks like a sheet of paper and some text to its right: [file name].csbproject. Click on this file to download (or right-click and select 'save link as' Download CSCR


Step 2: Publish the .csbproject file for D2L with the beta version of CSCR Builder 1. Open the .csbproject file you've just downloaded in the beta version of CSCRBuilder (CSCRBuilder 1.2 Beta 8) 2. Select 'File' -> 'Publish to D2L' and save the .zip file to your preferred location.


Publish CSCR to D2L

Step 3: Upload the .zip file to D2L 1. In your D2L course, select 'Materials' -> 'Content' Upload to D2L
2. Select the 'Manage Files' tab from the top menu. 3. Press the 'New Folder' button and create a folder called 'CSCRs' (the name can be anything you want, but I'd recommend CSCRs). This will be the container folder for all of your CSCRs. 4. Click on the CSCR folder you've just created and then click 'New Folder' again. You're now creating a specific folder just for the particular CSCR you want to upload, so give it a name that corresponds to the specific CSCR (like author and title, 'Hugo, Les Miserables' for instance) 5. Click on the folder you've just created and then select 'Upload' 6. Press the 'Choose File' button and find the .zip file you created in Step 2. Select the file and press 'Open'. You should now see the file name next to the 'Choose File' button. 7. Select the blue 'Upload' button.

Step 4: Unzip the .zip file in D2L 1. Hover your mouse over the .zip file you've just uploaded. You should see a small blue rectangle with a downfacing triangle in it. Click on this arrow and select 'unzip' from the list of options.
Unzip in D2L You should notice that the folder is now filled with lots more files, including one called index.html.

Step 5: Create a Course File for your unzipped CSCR 1. Select the 'Manage Content' tab. 2. Select 'Add Content' -> 'New Course File' 3. If you haven't already done this, click the [add module] link and add a content module to your course called CSCRs. Select this module from the 'Parent Module' dropdown menu and give the CSCR a title in the 'title field' (probably something like [Author, Work] 'Hugo, Les Miserables'. 4. Press the 'Browse' button. Create Course File


5. The file you're looking for is the 'index.html' file in the specific CSCR folder you created in step 4. Click on the CSCRs folder, and then the folder of the specific CSCR you're looking for ['Hugo, Les Miserables']. Scroll down through the files until you see 'index.html'. Select the radio button to the left of index.html and press 'Select File' Select Index File
6. Scroll down and select the blue 'Save and Close' button. 7. Click on the resulting link within the CSCR module in your course to make sure the CSCR appears and functions properly. It should work and if it does--voila! You've just installed a CSCR into D2L!

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