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Meredith Ross, Clinical Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin Law School
LAW 726 Introduction to Substantive Criminal

In this exercise, students are placed in the role of a defense attorney and confronted with multiple, sometimes conflicting, sources of factual information.

Larson Case   

Meredith Ross, Clinical Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin Law School
LAW 726 Introduction to Substantive Criminal

In this exercise, students begin to develop the ability to review the evidence in a criminal trial through a legal lens and practice the analytical steps required to consider a motion to dismiss the charged offense, as well as a motion for a lesser included offense instruction.

Gibbs Case   

Amber Smith - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
"Outbreak in Bangladesh"

Amber Smith created this scenario to immerse the student in a scenario in which they are helping identify the source of a disease outbreak in Bangladesh. In this scenario you are learning about the culture of Bangladesh and how that affects the spread of disease. There is a worksheet you fill out as you go through the case which helps prepare you for a larger discussion in class.

Case Scenario

Monica Theis Department of Food Science -
"Responding to Consumer Concerns: Artificial Colorants"

Food Science 321: Food Law and Regulations provides students with a broader understanding of the profession of food science by situating domestic practice within a global context.

Case Scenario

Jeri Barak Department of Plant Pathology -
"Community Development or Rank Imperialism?: Global Food Security and the Availability of Arable Land"

Professor Barak used the CSCR to create a very complex case with multiple perspectives and no clear answer, which she used in her First Year Interest Course (FIG) on global food security.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  

David Keifer Department of Botany/School of Medicine & Public Health - "Ecuadorian Herbal Medicine Use: Botany and Cross Cultural Health"

David Kiefer, MD Research Fellow, Department of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, created an online case study that compares medicinal plant use in Ecuador with that of Spanish-speaking people in Madison, WI.

Case Scenario

Kevin Wyne Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health - "Physician Assistant Clinical Encounters (PACE)"

Kevin Wyne - project was created for thirty-eight students in the Physicians Assistant Program PA 648: Emergency Medicine, who will enter the Emergency room for a practicum next semester. "A Day in the ER" will be available in Moodle for students in PA 718 - Professional Seminar & Capstone II, for students who have already entered the ER rotation.

Case Scenario

Min-Chi Yan, Aaron Perzigian, Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education - Social Studies and Diverse Learners"

Min-Chi Yan and Aaron Perzigian are TAs in Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education. Together, they teach RPSE 194-404: Methods in Teaching Science and Social Studies for Students with Disabilities, a one-credit, 5 week blended course. Using Case Scenario Critical Reader (CSCR), they are creating interactive case scenarios in which students play the role of a special education teacher in Oshrang High School.

Case Scenario

Sumona Saha MD and Erica Robinson MD - School of Medicine
"The Abdominal Pain Will Pass"


Case Scenario

Katy Culver - School of Journalism and Mass Communication
"Breaking News"


Case Scenario

Yvette Egan - School of Nursing
"A Case of Vital Importance"


Case Scenario

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