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Often you'll need to create and prepare audio files before insertion into CSCR Builder.

CSCR Builder only accepts MP3 audio files, which means that if your audio is a different format (Ogg, WMA, AAC, etc.) you will need to convert it.

Using Audacity

If using Audacity for creating Audio, check out this LSS tutorial for creating and exporting audio files:

Exporting Audio Files Tutorial

You will need to Download and install the LAME encoder for exporting your files in the MP3 format.

  • A. Installing Audacity
    1. Go to
    2. Click Download Audacity
    3. Click the link to download the most recent version
    4. After the download finishes, find the installer file and open it.
    5. Follow the installation instructions.

  • B. Downloading & Installing the MP3 encoder (lame.lib)
    Downloading the encoder
    In order to create .mp3 files with Audacity, you'll need to download a special encoder called lame.lib. The encoder is a free file that allows audacity to create MP3s.

    • For Windows 1. Go to the LAME download page for Windows -
      2. Click on any link from the list of identical "lame-3.96.1" links.
      3. When you have finished downloading LAME, unzip it and save the file lame_enc.dll anywhere on your computer. It is a good idea to save it in the Audacity folder. Be sure to remember where you save the file.

    • For Mac OS 9 or X 1. Go to the LAME download page for Macintosh -
      2. Download the version of LameLib for your operating system.
      3. When you have finished downloading, use Stuffit Expander to extract the files. (This may happen automatically.)
      4. Save the file called "LameLib" anywhere on your computer. It is a good idea to install it in the Audacity folder. Be sure to remember where you save the file.
      Installing the MP3 encoder
      After downloading the encoder, install it by exporting any audio file as an MP3 in Audacity. You will only have to install the encoder once.

    Open Audacity
    1. Open Audacity ( Double click on the icon on the desktop or click Start | Programs | Audacity
    2. Press Record and then Stop to record a little bit of audio.
    3. Click File and choose Export as MP3.
    4. Audacity will ask you to find the lame.lib encoder file. Browse to find this file on your hard drive and then click OK.
    5. Choose a destination and a name for your file.
    6. Enter the file information and then click OK.
    The MP3 encoder is now installed. You're ready to export MP3 files!

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