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How to sync McGraw-Hill Connect Assignments with the D2L gradebook

Accessing Gradebook Sync Reports in Connect




1.   Log in to your Desire2Learn (D2L) site and navigate to your course.

2.   Click on the McGraw-Hill Campus link within your course.  This link should be in the course navigation bar.  If you need to add the link to the course navigation bar, please see: Adding Tools to Course Navigation Bar  (The tool link you want to add is MH Connect Assignment)

                                                 D2L navbar MH Connect Link


3.   Click on the Connect link in your McGraw-Hill Campus home page. A new window will open with your Connect section home page.

                            Connect Section Homepage



4.   Click either “view gradebook sync list in the section performance area on your Connect section home page or click the performance dropdown menu and select "reports."  If you select "reports" you must then click on "view gradebook sync list."  If these links do not appear in your Connect course, your section has not been properly paired.

                                                      View Sync List Performance Section                                                                                   Reports Link
View gradebook sync list

Ensuring Students Scores are Ready to Sync



1.               Click check your roster to see which students are ready to sync




                         Check Your Roster

              a.   To be able to sync, your students need to be paired with McGraw-Hill Campus. Check the gradebook sync-ready column to see which       students are paired. A green checkmark means the student is paired and ready to sync. The red stop sign means the student is not paired and not ready to sync

Gradebook Sync Ready



Syncing Scores from Connect to Desire2Learn




The gradebook sync list shows all the assignments with scored submissions.  For each assignment in the gradebook sync list, youll see its name, type, sync status, due date, and the attempt score you last synced. The assignments are default sorted by sync status. There are four possible sync statuses:


- Never synced: You have never synced the assignment to your school gradebook.

- Last synced: You last synced the assignment on the date listed. If you see a green arrow, your gradebook is up to date. If you see a yellow triangle, there is at least one new submission, and you may want to sync again. Click the link to see exactly how many scored submissions there are to sync.

- In progress: Youre currently syncing the assignment.

- Last sync failedtry again: At least one score didnt sync, so you need to re-sync the assignment scores.



1.   To sync scores, simply select the individual assignments you wish to sync by clicking the corresponding checkbox or click the checkbox in the column heading to select all of the assignments.

                     Syncing Scores


2.   Choose which attempt scores to sync from the dropdown menu. You can sync the best, last (the most recent), or average attempt scores.  Then click sync."


                    Sync Options

3.   After selecting which attempt score to sync, youll see the sync in progress confirmation.  Click

close to close this confirmation.


                         Close Sync


4.   The sync status for the assignments you selected will now show in progress. You will need to navigate away from the gradebook sync list and return to it in order for this sync status to be updated.  Sync status results may take several minutes to reflect in the gradebook sync list.

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