UW-Madison Google Apps - Transferring your data for account consolidation

The following document provides resources that can help you transfer your data if you are consolidating your Google Apps accounts as a part of the transition to Office 365. If you are consolidating two email accounts that have Google Apps enabled, you will need to consolidate your Google Apps accounts also. Before reviewing the information below, please use the Account Preparation Utility to determine whether you will need to consolidate your Google Apps accounts.

What happens when I consolidate my Google Apps accounts?

For the purpose of this explanation, pretend you have two accounts: a WiscMail account (bbadger@wisc.edu) and a WiscMail Plus account (buckingham.badger@doit.wisc.edu). At the time your email account moves to Office 365, your departmental email address (e.g., buckingham.badger@doit.wisc.edu) will be added as an alternate address to the Google Apps account associated with your WiscMail (bbadger@wisc.edu) account. Your departmental Google Apps account will be re-named to buckingham.badger-gtemp@doit.wisc.edu. This will allow you to continue to access this account for a period of time via the linked accounts menu so you can move any content that you still need to your bbadger@wisc.edu account.

How can I access my -gtemp account?

  • Log into UW-Madison Google Apps
  • Enter your NetID@wisc.edu address, no password, and hit enter. You will then be directed to the UW-Madison login page.
  • Enter your NetID and password
  • Select the account ending in -gtemp@yourdomain.wisc.edu
  • Search for owner:me to see a list of all content owned by your -gtemp account

Which data do I need to back up?

If you are consolidating UW-Madison Google Apps accounts as a part of the transition to Office 365, you will need to back up and/or transfer all data in the UW-Madison Google Apps account that is being consolidated with another account, if you will need it after the transition to Office 365. Keep in mind that you will also need to back up and/or transfer any date stored in Google's consumer apps.

Any files that were previously shared with your buckingham.badger@doit.wisc.edu will need to be re-shared, but if someone shares a file with buckingham.badger@doit.wisc.edu after the consolidation occurs, you will be able to access it without a problem. You will continue to have access to your temporary account (e.g., buckingham.badger-gtemp_doit@wisc.edu) until access is removed by your administrator.

Are there any advantages to backing up my data before my account is migrated to Office 365?

When your WiscMail Plus account (e.g., buckingham.badger@doit.wisc.edu) becomes a temporary account (e.g., buckingham.badger-gtemp_doit@wisc.edu), you will lose access to files that have been shared with your WiscMail Plus account (e.g., buckingham.badger@doit.wisc.edu) via Google Drive. Before this happens, if you have Editor access and the owner has selected "Editors will be allowed to add people and change the permissions", you can share the file with your WiscMail account (e.g., bbadger@wisc.edu) and then give yourself Owner.

What other resources are available to help me back up or transfer my data?

What should I do after transferring my data?

Once all your data has been transferred to your Office 365 (i.e., @wisc.edu) account, contact your domain administrator. Your domain administrator can then delete your temporary account (e.g., buckingham.badger-gtemp_doit@wisc.edu). If you aren't sure who your domain administrator is, you can contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Note: Once your temporary account has been deleted, it cannot be restored. Please verify that you have backed up all the data in your temporary account before requesting deletion.

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