Java - Adding Sites to Exceptions List

This document outlines two changes that may be required to use Java applications as a result of the Java 7 update 51 release setup config

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JAVA Settings

After updating to Java 7 update 51 or later, you may need to make a few changes to get it working with certain applications. The first of these changes is to set the security level to High. The second change is to add the application's URL to the exception list. Both of these changes can be done in the Java Control panel.

The lack of a Java icon in your system preferences indicates that Java is not installed on the machine. You will need to manually install Java by going to

Error messages seen if the application's URL is not on the Exceptions list

If the application's URL is not added to the Java exception list, one or both of the following errors may be displayed:

  1. Java_error-app_cannot_be_run
  2. Java_error-blocked_by_settings

Error message seen if the port number is included in the application's URL

error: application blocked by Java security
This login error is displayed when the port number is included in the URL.

Setting the Java Security Level and adding the URL to the Exception List

  1. Go to the Java Control Panel:

    Windows version

    1. Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
    2. It may be necessary to switch the 'view by:' mode from 'Category' to 'Large Icons'. The 'view by:' mode is usually in the top right corner.
    3. Double-click on the Java icon to get the Java control panel dialog box.
      Note: It may be necessary to switch the 'view by:' mode from 'Category' to 'Large Icons'. The 'view by:' mode is usually in the top right corner.
  2. Apple version

    1. Click on the Apple icon (upper left corner).
    2. Click on 'System Preferences'.
    3. Click on the Java icon.
  3. Navigate to the Security Tab. If the 'Security Level' is set to 'Very High', reduce it to 'High'.

  4. Press the 'Edit Site List' button to get the dialog that will allow you to add the application's URL to the Exception Site List. Press 'Add' to type in the URL.

    note:  WAF users will need to update the URL to the Exception Site List by logging into the WAF and then going to: Start > Program Files > Java > Configure Java
  5. On the highlighted line (see arrow # 1), type the application's URL (see Java - Compatible Versions for UW Services for a list of URLs).
  6. Click the OK button (see arrow # 2).
  7. When done, the Java control Panel Security tab will look like the graphic in step 2 above if one does not enter any other Exception sites.
  8. After launching the application, the 'Do you trust' dialog boxes will still be displayed. To prevent this from happening each time, check the 'Always trust' boxes and click OK.

Solution for a Mac using Chrome

  1. Add site top exception list "Java - Adding Sites to Exceptions List"
  2. Enable download from forms and under system preferences > security & privacy > general.
  3. Disable popup blocker

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