KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Reference a Collection of Documents with a single URL

This document will show you how to efficiently reference a collection of documents with a single URL.

Display a Curated Collection of Documents

This feature is especially handy if you want to refer to documents that span more than one topic and/ or KB site. You can control the exact list of documents that the end user will see. In this example, we reference a collection of documents to which we have permissions to access. 

  1. Open your KB site web page, enter the document ID numbers into the search field and click the Search button.

    The image below shows a specific list of comma delimited documents in the live site search field.

    comma delimited doc ids in Live site search field

  2. After clicking on the Search button, the exact documents you have specified will appear in a table.

    The image below displays the four documents requested in the Search field.

    search results showing the comma delimited doc IDs on a KB live site

Managing the longer URL

A long url will appear in your browser's address/search bar.

The image below shows the long and unweildy URL of :


long URL with specific doc IDs