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My Profile Settings


The 'My Profile Settings' feature of Moodle is a small portion of Moodle that allows a little more customization to your Moodle experience.

To access the 'My Profile Settings' portion of Moodle, you first need to click on the settings tab on the far left side of your Moodle page. No matter what page or course you're looking at, the Administration tab should always be available on the far left side of the screen. Once you click the Administration tab, depending on what page you're looking at, a list of possible options appears, one of which will always be 'My Profile Settings,' usually the last of all the possible options (the picture below shows the settings menu with 'My Profile Settings' highlighted).
My Profile Settings

Once you click on the 'My Profile Settings' option, six new sub-options appear: Edit Profile, Portfolios, Messaging, Blogs, Badges and Activity Reports. 

Edit Profile

Once you click on the 'Edit Profile' option, Moodle takes you to a page that covers some general Moodle Settings and the option to share personal information. We wouldn't recommend changing any of the settings under General that you don't understand. 

Further down the page you have the option to add personal information to your profile, such as a User Picture, Interests, and various ID's and phone numbers. Once you've updated everything you like, click 'Update Profile' at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Under this drop down, you can manage your portfolios and whether they are visible or invisible to others. You can also manage your transfer logs in this drop down menu.


The 'Messaging' portion of My Profile Settings gives you control over what kinds of what types of messages you receive and when. For example, your settings default to receive an email through Moodle to confirm when you've submitted a quiz, but Moodle shows a pop-up notification when someone sends you a personal message. The far bottom of the page also allows you to adjust wether you would like non-contacts from messaging you, or wether you would like to temporarily disable all notifications (not recommended). 


Under the 'Blogs' drop down menu, there are another 3 options for you to customize your blog. The first one, 'Preferences,' simply allows you to customize how many blog entries you want per page. The second option, 'External Blogs' allows you to links you to the page for the third option 'Register and External Blog' (not sure why it does this). However the 'Register an External Blog' page is useful for registering your external blog.


There are two options once you select the Badges drop down menu. The first is to edit preferences for whether or not badge awards will automatically be shared on your profile. The second is an optional link that could help connect your Moodle achievements via backpack connection.

Activity Reports

If you are in a course, sometimes there will be an activity reports option in the drop down for My Profile. Here you can view your activity and see when you visited which course pages. There are four different types of reports you can see:

1.) Today's logs: Where you find your activity on today's date.
2.) All logs: Where you find your total activity on the course page throughout the semester.
3.) Outline report: Where you can see every section of the course page and you can see how well you've scored on certain assignments throughout the semester.
4.) Complete report: This is similar to an outline report but is more detailed in terms of times that you visited some activities and the submission status of activities too.

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