UW-Madison Box - Linking Alternate Email Accounts

This document describes how to connect your alternate email addresses to your UW-Madison Box account, and what to do if you have already created a personal Box account with your other University addresses.

If you use an email address other than your <NetID>@wisc.edu address as your primary email for UW communications, you may receive collaborator invitations to that account. If you have not previously associated that address with your UW-Madison Box enterprise account, responding to these invitations will lead to the creation of a non-UW personal Box account with your primary address. If this happens, any activity and data for this account will not be covered under the UW-Madison license agreement with Box.

  • If you have not yet created a personal account with your primary address:

    This issue can be prevented by adding your primary email address as well as any alternate email addresses that you use regularly to your UW-Madison Box account. For instructions on adding secondary addresses, see UW-Madison Box - Registering an Email Alias.

  • If a personal account has already been set up with an email address you want to associate with your UW Madison Box account:

    It is not possible to merge two Box accounts.

    Box also does not allow any email address to be associated with two accounts, so if you have already created a personal account with your primary email address or any of your alternate addresses, you will be prevented from linking those email accounts to your enterprise account until the personal Box account is changed. While it is possible to delete a personal Box account, it requires a Box support request and the user's approval. Deactivating the account does not release the email address for reuse.

    To remove your primary or alternate address from a personal account:

    1. Access your personal account via https://account.box.com/login and add a non-UW email address (such as Gmail) as an alias to your Box account, then make this new email the primary address for the account. This process is described in the following Box support article: How Do I Change My Email Address?.

    2. Once you've assigned another email address to be the primary address for your personal Box account, you can remove your alternate account via the Remove link that appears next to the address in the "Login and Email Addresses" section of the Account Settings page.

    3. Now that the email address is no longer associated with a personal account, you can proceed with adding it as a secondary email address to your UW-Madison Box account as described in UW-Madison Box - Registering an Email Alias.

    4. Keep in mind that any files that had been shared with the email address while it was connected to the personal Box account will now need to be re-shared so they are accessible from your UW-Madison enterprise Box account.

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