Learn@UW/D2L - Exporting Course Components

Most Course components, including course files, can be exported from a course as a package that can be imported into another course or another learning management system that supports IMS global standards.

If the course contains a large number of large files (such as large Powerpoint or multimedia files), the total course package may be too large to download from the system to your desktop. In this case, you may wish to export the course without the files, and then separately download the course files in manageable subsets.  (Note:  if you select Content and only one topic, you will export all content files.) Alternatively, you may request assistance from your campus site administrator.

Follow the procedure below for exporting course components.

  1. Go to Edit Course to get to the Course Administration page.

  2. Select Import / Export / Copy Components.

  3. Select "Export Components".

    Export Components
  4. Make sure the box by "Include course files in the export package" is checked unless you want to exclude them.

  5. Press the Start button.

  6. Check the "Select All Components" box near the top of the "Select Course Material". This will select everything in the course that can be exported.

    Note: To download just a subset of the components in the course, check boxes by the components to be downloaded instead of "Select All Components".

    Select Components
  7. Press the Continue button near the bottom.

  8. Now in the "Confirm Components to Export" page, press the Continue button near the bottom.

    Confirm Components to Export
  9. An 'Export Summary' page appears showing the progress. When a check mark appears by all components, press the Finish button near the bottom.

    Export Summary
  10. On the next page, press "Click here to download the export Zip package".

    Click the Link
  11. You will have the option to save the .zip file.