UW-Madison Box - Collaborator Permissions

This document lists the available collaborator roles and details the permissions each provides.

In addition to the "Owner" role, UW-Madison Box users will be able to take advantage of seven other levels of permissions when provisioning rights to collaborators. These access levels equate to roles, and understanding the rights entailed for each role is necessary to ensure proper access is given to files and folders.

  • Note: The only functional difference between an Owner and Co-owner is that Co-owners cannot modify an Owner's access level, nor can they reassign ownership.
  Upload Download Preview Share Link Edit Delete Invite Move / Delete Root
Co-owner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Editor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Viewer-Uploader Yes Yes Yes Yes        
Previewer-Uploader Yes   Yes          
Viewer   Yes Yes Yes        
Previewer     Yes          
Uploader Yes              

As shown in the table above, each role is merely a combination of rights, that is, the ability to take certain actions when working with the root level folder (i.e. the top-level collaboration folder) and its subfolders. Below, you can find full descriptions for each of these rights.

  • Upload: The ability to upload files and folders to the root level folder and its subfolders.

  • Download: The ability to download files and folders from the root level folder. This permission is also required to sync folders using the Box Sync application, as syncing equates to downloading files to your computer.

  • Preview: The ability to preview files using the integrated content viewer.

  • Share Link: The ability to generate a share link for the root level folder or its subfolders.

  • Edit: The ability to edit folders and their contents. In addition to being able to edit files by downloading, modifying, and reuploading new versions, this also grants the ability to rename folders and add tags.

  • Delete: The ability to delete contents of the root level folder, which includes both files and subfolders. This right does not apply to the root level folder.

  • Invite: The ability to invite (or remove) other collaborators to the root level folder or its subfolders. This also includes the ability to change collaborator access levels, with the exception of the Owner's.

  • Move / Delete Root: The ability to move or delete the root level collaboration folder.

Permissions Inheritance

In Box, permissions granted to a parent folder are automatically inherited for all subfolders, though it is possible to grant a user access to a subfolder without giving them access to the parent folder. This being the case, there are a few points to keep in mind while assigning permissions:

  • Your folders should be organized so that for a single folder directory (i.e. a parent folder at the root level and its subfolders), each progressive folder level down builds on access from the level above, so that the lowest level folder has the greatest number of collaborators.

  • Files that you do not wish to share will need to either be stored in the highest-level folder of a directory with shared subfolders, or in a separate folder directory entirely.

  • Because you cannot adjust a collaborator's permissions on subfolders once established in a parent folder, you may need to create separate folder directories if you need to give that individual different access levels (e.g. Editor vs. Uploader) to your folders.

  • If you plan to share subfolders without granting access to parent folders, be sure to title the subfolders with a descriptive name.

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