Symantec Endpoint Protection (Mac) - Uninstallation Instructions

This document explains how to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 (SEP) for UW-Madison Faculty, Staff and Students on OS X. This process will work to uninstall old versions of Symantec as well.

  1. Download the Symantec Uninstaller (Mac) here.

  2. After downloading the zip file, navigate to your downloads folder and double click on

  3. Open the RemoveSymantecMacFiles folder, and double click on RemoveSymanteMacFiles.command.

  4. If a warning appears about opening applications from the internet, click Open.

  5. Enter in the admin password (if the user is the primary user, enter their password to login to the machine) and press enter. When you type the password into terminal, it will not show any characters, but terminal still is taking the input in.

  6. Enter in a 1 to the prompt to select "Remove all Symantec files/folders."

  7. In a small amount of time, the uninstall script will finish, and prompt you to enter a "y" (yes) or "n" (no) to restart your machine. In order for the uninstall to be complete, you must restart the machine. Once the machine has restarted, you have successfully uninstalled Symantec.