Guest NetID - Creating a Guest NetID Account for Internet and VPN access

This document will explain the process of creating a Guest NetID account and provide screen shots and an explanation of each step of the process. General information on Guest NetIDs can be found at Guest NetID - Product Overview.

Note: this document is not for the creation of general Guest NetIDs. That information can be found in Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations.

Creating Guest NetIDs for Internet and VPN access

  • To begin, go to the following website: You may need to enter your NetID and password. Note: Only active UW-Madison employees can create Guest NetIDs. Employees with affiliated organizations (e.g. UW Hospitals, Wisconsin Alumni Association, etc) must also have a valid appointment with UW-Madison in order to be able to create Guest NetIDs.
  • Select Requested Root

    • Guest NetIDs will consist of the string 'tmp' plus the root name (up to 5 characters) and a series of numbers.
    • For example if you choose "guest" as your ID root and chose to have 5 accounts created you might get 5 accounts named: tmp-guest1, tmp-guest2, tmp-guest3, tmp-guest4, tmp-guest5. The number at the end is determined automatically by the Guest NetID creation process.
  • Number of accounts requested:

    • Select the number of accounts you wish to setup (maximum 999).
    • If the process freezes during account creation, you can continue with the last Guest NetID setup (they are created in order).
  • Expiration date of the accounts

    • Must be between 1 and 31 days from now.
    • Accounts can be released for reuse, once released it will take up to 1 week before they can be used again by going to the "view/change my currently active Guest NetIDs" link.
    • If a user needs access past 31 days you will need to create a new Guest NetID for the user.
  • Option Information - for your information only

    • This section is for you to track the reasons you are creating Guest NetIDs.
    • Not required to create a Guest NetID.
This image shows the guest NetID request form.

What happens when you hit Submit Account Request

  • Request is processed (it does take several minutes depending on the number of NetIDs you are setting up)
  • You will be provided the NETID, PASSWORD, SERVICE, STATUS, and EXPIRATION DATE
  • You will then have the option of exporting this to Microsoft Excel, Text file (comma delimited), and an HTML doc with page breaks so you can provide each user an individual copy of their information
  • Exporting to an HTML doc with page breaks is the preferred method
This screen shows a summary of your request while processing.

View/Change My Currently Active Guest NetIDs

  • View what NetIDs are currently active and when they expired.
  • See the Guest NetID and password in the event a user forgot their password.
  • Release for Reuse a specific Guest NetID (Released Guest NetIDs will be available for reuse after 1 week).
This screen shows a list of your currently active guest NetIDs.

View My Guest NetID Request History

  • View what NetIDs has been setup.
  • View what service was setup (right now wireless is the only service).
  • View when it was activated and expired.
This screen shows your Guest NetID request history.

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