What course must I take to earn retroactive credits (retrocredits)?

The following section gives information on what steps a student needs to take in order to earn retrocredits.

Incoming freshmen/students who have taken college level foreign language courses while in high school and are interested in earning retrocredits are strongly encouraged to take the next course in the language sequence in order to earn the maximum number of retroactive credits.   In some cases, students are advised to take an approved course at a more appropriate level (higher or lower level) in order to earn retrocredits.  In these instances, a student is still eligible to earn retrocredits as long as:

  1. The language course is the student’s first college course in the language post high school graduation, and
  2. The course is taken before a student has earned 30 post high school graduation degree credits, and
  3. The course is designated as appropriate for earning retroactive credits (not all language courses are eligible for earning retrocredits), and
  4. The student earns a grade of B or higher

Students who have Advanced Placement (AP) credit or college-level credit for a foreign language completed while in high school who take a lower level course at UW-Madison should be aware that they will earn fewer retrocredits.  In addition, students in this situation will not be able to earn credit for a course they have already received credit for on their transcript. 
  • For example, a student who has earned college-level credit for 4th semester Spanish (Spanish 204) in high school (or has AP credit for Spanish 204) and decides to retake Spanish 204 at UW-Madison for the purpose of earning retroactive credits will not earn degree credit again for the repeated course (i.e., Spanish 204).  However, the student will still be able to earn retroactive credits for Spanish 101, 102, and 103 if they have met the requirements outlined above.

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