BN - Processing an ADM Event in On-Demand


An ADM (Administrative) event is used by Benefit Administrators to make employee enrollment elections and changes for Health, Life, Disability and Flexible Spending Accounts due to a range of enrollment reasons.

  • Please review the UWSA OHRWD Overview page to verify rules for enrolling or cancelling Health, EPIC, Dental WI, and VSP insurance plans prior to following this procedure.  Enrolling a New Hire or an existing employee for most Qualifying Events (example: marriage) outside their 30 day enrollment window is not allowed.  Additional rules and restrictions apply to when and how an employee can enroll for Life and/or Disability.
  • Use the correct Effective Date/Event Date to ensure service are not denied by the vendor and payroll deductions take at the appropriate time.
  • For institutions who receive a paper application from an employee, you must Finalize the Hire Event BEFORE processing an ADM event.
  • Process any open Events prior to the Event Date (Effective Date) of your ADM to avoid inadvertently cancelling coverage.  Any Events dated after the ADM Event will need to be reprocessed.  For more information on reprocessing Events see:  BN - Reprocessing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance .
  • Remember to distribute any paper applications received based on the Benefit Application and Form Distribution Chart.


1.  Verify if an ADM Event for the desired effective date already exists by navigating to:  Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance. 

2.  Create an ADM event on the BAS Activity Table. BN - Adding Events to the BAS Activity Table

3.  In the On-Demand Event Maintenance search screen:

a.  In the Empl ID field, enter the employee's unique 8-digit employee ID, if known. (e.g. 99999999)  This is the best practice since more than one employee may exist with similar names.

b.  Click Search to display results for your search criteria.

9.2 Search Page Replace

4. On-Demand Event Maintenance page displays that an activity is pending.

Pending Section 

a. Activity Date tells what effective date the Event is for
b. Pending Activities tells how many activities are pending for processing
c. Action tells what type of event is pending to be processed
5. Click on Schedule/Prepare Activity button. When the pop-up box appears, click 'OK'.

Schedule Prepare

6. Click the Election Entry to enter benefit enrollments.

election entry

7.  Select the Enrollment Code, Enrollment Reason, and App Received Date. For additional information regarding enrollment codes and enrollment reasons, please reference:  BN - Enrollment Code and Enrollment Reason Job Aid.

8.  Click the Apply Defaults button.  This will automatically fill in the Enrollment Codes, Enrollment Reasons, and the App Received by date for all plan types on the screen.

Enrollment Code Reason

a.  A list of Plan Types and Benefit Plans are available in BN - How to Change Benefits Coverage Level Using On Demand .

b.  Coverage Begin Date = ADM Event Date. The first date of the coverage change.

c.  Option Code = Elect or Waive.

d.  A list of Enrollment Codes and Enrollment Reasons are available in BN - Enrollment Code and Enrollment Reason Job Aid .

e.  App Received = the date you received a paper application or the date of the electronic application in self service.


1. Select Option Code. Use the magnifying glass to select from different plan types.  Please review BN - Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid if needed.

Option Code Magnifying Glass

a. The magnifying glass will pop-up a new window. Select Plan Type (scroll for additional plans).

Option Code Look Up

2. If family coverage is selected, please press the Enroll All button to enroll all eligible dependents. Remember that dependents must be added first via the process outlined in the following KB:  BN - Add/Update Dependents .

Enroll All 

a. If dependents are not pulling through that need to be enrolled, press the + button to add them manually to this screen.  Remember that dependents must be added first via the process outlined in the following KB:  BN - Add/Update Dependents .

Enroll add a row

c. Click on the magnifying glass to find the dependent. 

Dependent Magnifying Glass

d. Select the dependent you want to add to the coverage.

Dependent Look Up

3. To remove a dependent from enrollment, click the - button. 

Remove a row

4. Repeat all steps to add coverage to other Plan Types.  Please be sure to refer to BN - Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid .

5. Once you have completed enrolling for any and all eligible benefits, scroll to bottom of your screen and press the OK button.

6. This will bring you back to the main On-Demand Event Maintenance screen.

7. Check the Finalize/Apply Defaults radio button and then press the Validate/Finalize button if you are ready to Finalize enrollments.
a. If you are not finished, have made an error, or missed an enrollment or dependent, press the Election Entry button again to go back into the Event and make any necessary changes.

Validate Finalize

8. A pop-up box will appear showing the process has completed successfully. Press the 'OK' button.  You have now completed enrollments.

OK Pop Up

9. To review and verify enrollments:  BN - Review Benefit Enrollments


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