BN - Processing an ADM Event for Health Insurance

This procedure gives guidance on how to process an ADM (Administrative) event through On-Demand Event Maintenance.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Event Processing
Audience: This procedure is for Campus Benefit Administrators to manage employee enrollments.
Overarching Process: Employee enrollment elections and changes
Navigation:  Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance
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General Description

An ADM (Administrative) event is used by Benefit Administrators to make employee enrollment elections and changes for Health, Life, Disability and Flexible Spending Accounts due to a range of enrollment reasons.  Please refer to BN - Add Coverage Job Aid, Document 17267 is unavailable at this time., BN - Add Dependent Job Aid, Document 17190 is unavailable at this time., and BN - Cancel Coverage Job Aid for a list of these enrollment reasons.  This procedure should be used for processing the ADM event through On-Demand Event Maintenance.

Why Use This?

  • Elect coverage codes and enrollment reasons to enroll employees in insurances

Downstream Effects of Not Updating this page or inputting Incorrect Information

  • If you elect insurances incorrectly, employee will be enrolled in incorrect coverages.
  • If you add the wrong Effective Date/Event Date, employee will be enrolled with incorrect dates. Services could be denied due to enrollment dates.

Pain Points (Things Forgotten In This Process)

  • Using correct enrollment codes and reasons. NEW as of 7/5/15, new codes and enrollments will be available for use.
  • Enrolling someone outside of 30 day received date window is not allowed.  
  • Effective Date of Coverage. Follow the Event Table (Job Aids) for the specific effective dates of coverage.

Process Inputs

Process Outputs

Process Considerations

  • For self-service campuses who receive a paper application from employee, Void the Hire Event BEFORE using the ADM event.
  • Process any open events prior to Event Date. These need taken care of first as they can change benefits and/or wipe out benefit elections.

Procedure Steps

1.  Create an ADM event on the BAS Activity Table. BN - Adding Events to the BAS Activity Table

2. HRS Path Benefits--Manage Automated Enrollment--Events--On-Demand Event Maintenance

3.  In the On-Demand Event Maintenance search screen:

a.  In the Empl ID field, enter the employee's unique 8-digit employee ID, if known. (e.g. 99999999)  This is the best practice since more than one employee may exist with similar names.


b.  Click Search to display results for your search criteria.

4 On-Demand Event Maintenance page displays that an activity is pending.


a. Activity Date tells what date event is for
b. Pending Activities tells how many activities are pending for processing
c. Action tells what type of event is pending to be processed
5. Click on Schedule/Prepare Activity button. Give it a few seconds to process and a pop-up box will appear. Click 'OK'.


6. Click Election Entry to enter benefit enrollments.


7.  Select the Enrollment Code, Enrollment Reason, and App Received Date. Please review additional information regarding enrollment codes and enrollment reasons for assistance BN - Enrollment Code and Enrollment Reason Job Aid.
8.  Click Apply Defaults. By clicking this, it auto fills all enrollment codes, reasons, and app received date for all plan types in the screen.

a.  A list of Plan Types & Benefit Plans are available in BN - Benefits Coverage Code Cheat Sheet.

b.  Coverage Begin Date = ADM Event Date. The first date of coverage change.

c.  Option Code = Elect or Waive.

d.  A list of Enrollment Codes and Enrollment Reasons are available in BN - Enrollment Code and Enrollment Reason Job Aid.

e.  App Received = Paper or Electronic received date of application.

Electing Plan Type 10

1. Select Option Code. Use the magnifying glass to select from different plan types. Please review BN - Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid if needed.


a. The magnifying glass will pop-up new window. Select plan type (scroll for additional plans).


2. If family coverage is selected, press Enroll All button. To enroll all eligible dependents. Remember dependents first must be added via 18182.


a. If dependents are missing that need to be enrolled, press the + button to add them.


b. Select how many rows of dependents to add.


c. Click on the magnifying glass to find the dependent. 


d. Select the dependent you want to add to the coverage.


3. To remove a dependent from enrollment, click the - button. 


4. Repeat all steps to add coverage to other plan types. Please be sure to refer to 48687.

5. Once you have completed enrolling for any and all eligible benefits, scroll to bottom and press OK.

6. This will bring the screen back out to the On-Demand Event Maintenance screen.

7. Check on Finalize/Apply Defaults and press Validate/Finalize if ready to finish finalizing enrollments.

a. If not finished, made a mistake, or missed something, press Election Entry to go back in and make changes to enrollments.


8. The screen will have a pop-up window showing success. Press 'OK'. You have now completed enrollments.


9. Review Enrollments:

10. If anything is incorrect in Review Enrollments and enrollments need to be fixed via the ADM, please view Document 18972 is unavailable at this time..

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