Guided Expense Tool (GET) - Default Funding

Accounting Default will display different to Approvers and Auditors for reports created in GET

In GET, when a Traveler/Alternate change the default funding in an expense report it changes the funding for every expense line within the report. When the expense report loads into e-Reimbursement for approval, the default funding (Account Default) reverts back to the funding identified within the employee's travel profile. This is not an issue.

Approvers and Auditors receive alert bubbles on each expense line if the funding in that line is different than the funding in the Account Default. If Approvers/Auditors see the alert bubbles on every line for a report created using GET, this means that the Traveler/Alternate changed the funding at the default level.

It is important to keep in mind, that the funding string within the Accounting Default is not charged nor will it detemine who the Approver or Auditor will be. Only the funding string on the actual expense lines will be charged. To easily check what funding is being used on each expense line, Approvers/Auditors can use the "Summary Report" link at the bottom of the page to view the funding string for every line in the report. Click the Summary Report link > Expand all accouting lines.


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