Blackboard Collaborate Original - Virtual Office Hours Template (UW-Madison)

How to set up a virtual office hours or a virtual instructor-student interaction space using Blackboard Collaborate.

You can set up an ongoing virtual space where you can safely discuss class and student information in an office hours setting. (Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only. If you are looking for help or information on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, please go here)

Examples: office hours, consultation, grade check-in, assignment Q&A

Recommended Organization:  In order to keep things simple for your students, we recommend that you set-up one ongoing web conference for your virtual office hours that runs the entire semester.  Since this web conference provides space for meeting with students and discussing potentially sensitive information such as grades, we recommend that you set up the conference so students can only join as participants and not as moderators.  If you need a student to use a moderator privilege, such as application sharing or file transfer, simply enable this permission once in the web conference. 

Tools Needed: Whiteboard, Application Sharing, Web Tour, File Transfer, Break Out Rooms

For information on how to set-up and use other tools in Collaborate, please see the other Collaborate templates: Here