Blackboard Collaborate Original - Setting Permissions (UW-Madison)

How to set and manage permissions in Blackboard Collaborate.

(Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only, if you are looking for help or information on Collaborate Ultra, go here

    Depending on what you have planned for the webconference and how you want the session structured you can approach setting permissions in two ways.  First, if you are planning for a fairly free-flowing and casual session with participants who can be expected to exercise self-restraint, you can simply enable all the permissions participants will need before the session starts.  To set permissions in this way click on the “hamburger” button on the top right of the Participants panel:
    Permissions Hamburger Button

    This will open the global permissions control box.  Make sure any tool you want students to use, such as “Whiteboard,” “Chat,” “Video” and “Audio” permissions have a check mark next to them (simply click to add or remove a checkmark).  If more than six people will use the video and audio tools for the session you will need to rotate permissions (see “Rotating Permissions” below)

    Global Permissions

    If, however, you have a more structured session in mind, then you will want to manage individual permissions throughout the session.  This is when having a second moderator to handle technical issues is most helpful. 
    (Note: Students can see the Whiteboard whether the permission is enabled or not.  Enabling the permission allows students to use the Tool Palette. )

    Each individual has a set of permissions.  You can over-ride a global permission for the individual by clicking on the individual tool above and to the right of their name.  A red x indicates the individual permission for that tool is off.
    (Note:  If you have more than one moderator make sure that you have enabled all their permissions including video and audio)
    Individual Permissions

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