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A brief overview of a few Camtasia Hints.

Splitting Audio/Video

                Combined audio/video tracks can be split into individual components by right clicking the clip in question and choosing the “Separate video and audio” option. The result is pictured, with audio and video on different tracks on the timeline.

Audio Editing

                Audio levels and volume can be changed using the Audio panel in the tool dock or by right clicking an audio clip. A green line should appear as seen on the right.

                To edit levels, right click the green line where you would like to add an audio point. Alternatively, use the “Add audio point” button in the Audio panel to add place an audio point at the position of the playhead.

                Audio points can be dragged along the timeline to change volume up and down according to the height of the green line.


                Zoom options can be accessed via the Zoom-n-Pan panel on the toolbar. Adjusting the visualized focus box will edit the video to zoom in on that location at the current playhead location on the timeline. Additionally, a specified scale of zoom can be entered in the percent scale slider (a value larger than 100% is possible).

To edit the visualizer box, grab the corners and sides to change the size of the box. To pan, click and drag the inside of the box to change the focus to a different area of the video.

To reset the video to include its entirety, find the point on the timeline where you want to zoom back out and press the fullscreen button above the scale slider, indicated by the four gray arrows pointing outward.


                Markers are used to indicate a location that can be jumped to either in editing or in final playback. To add a marker to the timeline, go to Edit->Markers->Add a timeline marker, or just press the ‘M’ key with the timeline selected.

                To include markers in the final exported video, be sure to choose “MP4 with video player” in the Production Wizard.

For a more detailed view of what markers are appearing, choose “Custom Production Settings” instead and press Next > until you reach the Marker options section. This is not recommended, as accidentally changing other settings in the Custom options may lead to sub-optimal playback.

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