UWMSN - JEMS Hire - Introduction to System

Introduction to JEMS Hire.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Academic Staff (AS), Faculty (FA), Limited Appointees (LI), University Staff (CP, CJ), Temporary Employees (CL), Student Assistants (SA), Post Degree in Training (ET), Other (OT).
Audience: Department and Division staff who enter appointments
Overarching Process: Hiring into AS, FA, LI, CP, CJ, CL, SA, ET, and OT appointments

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General Description:

This Knowledge Base document provides an overview of the Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) Hire portal. It also provides details about functions/tabs that are used on any hire, rehire, transfers, or multiple hires made in the JEMS Hire portal.

Procedure Steps


Main Menu Screen

From this screen the following functions are available

  1. Click the Hire/Transfer button to start a new hire or transfer (used for transactions that do not require open recruitment or have approved waivers).
  2. Click the Summer Hire button to create a summer session/service appointment for a currently active C-Basis employee who will be on a "Short Work Break" from their academic year appointment.
  3. Click the Multi Hire button to hire multiple employees into a position with the exact same job attributes
  4. Click the My New Hire Basket button to see the Hire/Transfer employee records requiring review or to complete hire transactions that required open recruitment.
  5. Click the Multi Hire Search button to return to a multi-hire transaction to later add hires
  6. Exit out of the System

JEMS System Search - Quick Search Tab

When you click the My New Hire Basket button, the below screen appears.



Helpful Hints:


JEMS System Search - Advanced Search Tabs

The Advanced Search function provides several additional criteria that can be used to locate  JEMS Hire records. Search for records in more than one status by selecting multiple options in the Multiple Selection Criteria section.


The Search Results can be viewed online or printed as a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat viewer required) or downloaded in spreadsheet format (Excel application required). This is done through the Print List button


Find/Add Hire Tab

Find/Add Hire tab
  1. Fill in one or more of the fields (Empl ID, Name, SSN#) in the top search section.
  2. Click the Search button to search the system (searching in JEMS uses information from IADS, EPM and HRS).
  3. Check the Select box next to the person you would like to use (Review HRS - UW Multiple Jobs Summary to select correct person).
  4. Select the "Recruitment Type" and type the  PVL# (if applicable)
  5. Click Add Hire button.

HR Contact Tab


List of fields and Descriptions for the HR Contact Tab
 Data  Description
 Contact Type (required)  Select primary (required on all appointments, funding (required on paid appointments), or additional)
 Last Name (required)  Last Name
 First Name (required)  First Name
 Phone  Phone (format - xxx-xxx-xxxx)
 Email Address  Primary contact email address
 Get My Contact Data  Defaulted information from Update my Profile screen

Comments Tab


Directions for the Comments Tab
 To Add Comment  Click the Add Comment button
 To Edit/View  Click the comment to update and click the Edit/View button
 To Delete Comment  Click the comment to delete and click the Delete Comment button (can only delete comments you created)

Status History Tab


The data on this tab is not modifiable. It displays the history of statuses that a particular hire has had. Anyone with update or view access can view the status history of the appointment. Statuses are shown in descending order.

Possible Statuses shown in workflow order:

Drop Down Menu - "Actions" and "Tools"




The <Actions> menu is used to change the status of the hire record. Grayed out statuses are unavailable to the user. REJECT will return the Hire record to the prior status. This does not send out an email to the previous person who submitted the hire transaction.



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