Print Refund Request Form

This document explains how to request a refund for printer errors.

Printing problems are one of the most common issues that come to the CAE Help Desk. It is incredible how difficult it is to reproduce, diagnose and fix problems related to printing. In order to better attempt to find problems, CAE now requires the submission of a refund request form. While this may be slightly more inconvenient for you, it will help us track and fix the problems and causes.

 In order to be useful, this form must be submitted with the required fields completed, along with the attached file that experienced the issue. **The file that is submitted will ONLY be used for testing purposes.** This should provide enough information for us to attempt to reproduce the problem. 

Filling out the Print Refund Request Form

Be sure you attach the file you were attempting to print.  If that file is not attached, no refund will be given.  The file that is submitted will ONLY be used to test the printer.

Below are the fields included on the request form, as well as an explanation of what is needed for each entry and/or why we need the information. The first 3 fields are very straight forward, and simply gather contact information.

CAE login:
Email Address:
Software/program printed from:
     This allows us to figure out if it is a specific program or file type that is causing the issues printing. If you are printing a PDF from learn at UW, you should list the Web browser you printed it from, and not simply say pdf.  That is something you could include in the additional details section.

Computer printed from:
     This allows us to narrow down the cause to see if the problem is specific to one computer.  Generally this entry should be WIN-#### or Tux-### (ex WIN-1005 or Tux-102).

Printer attempted:
     This helps us figure out if it was a hardware issue with the printer.  These are normally listed in a "Building-Room-Printer" format.  EX. CAE-116-duplex or EH-2324-Plotter

Additional details:
     This field should contain any other information you find necessary.  Examples could be: The printer jammed when there was no one working at the help desk to clear it,  the printer ran out of paper when no one was around to refill it, only a few pages of my multi-page document printed, the printer had an error, the job just didn't print, etc.


Paper Refund Request Form:


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