Install Lubar Copier for Printing from a Mac

Instructions on installing the lubar

As of 9/21/17 - Use THESE directions BELOW
  • Open System Preferences
  • Select Print & Fax, Printers & Scanners, etc.
  • Click the + button
  • If advanced options are not there, add them by right-clicking (or control+click) on the gray area next to the icons near the top of the Add window and choose Customize Toolbar..., then drag the advanced icon to the toolbar and click Done
  • Choose Windows printer via spools (or a similar option; may vary depending on OS version)
  • URL= "smb://"  
  • Add name and location
  • Driver = Generic PCL 
  • Send a test print job to verify
  • Make sure to change username to ad\NetID and Password