Kaltura - Frequently Asked Questions

The Kaltura Media Management System provides users with the ability to upload and manage media files (e.g., audio, video). This document attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to the service.

What is the purpose and intent of the Kaltura MMS?
The Kaltura MMS is centrally supported by UW System (UWS) for the purpose of providing a media management service primarily to meet the needs of the UWS teaching and learning community. Non-instructional use may be provided and supported by your campus. Contact your local support unit to determine availability.

Use for promotional, outreach and access by non-UWS affiliated users are prohibited.

Who is eligible to use the system?
According to the license agreement, all UWS affiliated users, defined as all personnel with an active campus-provided account (e.g. NetID or equivalent) – faculty, student and staff, can access the Kaltura MMS.

How can I access the Kaltura MMS service?
The first phase of the implementation involves the integration with the D2L/Learn@UW Learning Management System is completed. The current phase is focused on the deployment of campus-specific MediaSpace sites, which provides a campus video portal, and integrating the service with other LMSes (e.g., Moodle). Access to the service, irrespective of the point of entry, will require that the user have an active campus provided account.

How is the copyright of content handled in Kaltura MMS?
All Kaltura MMS content must comply with the copyright policy for instructional content of individual campuses. Please refer to the UWS Kaltura MMS Terms of Use.

Can I use the service for a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) that is available to participants outside of UWS?
Because of the current license agreement, only current and active UWS affiliated users with a valid campus account are eligible to access the Kaltura MMS. Please contact the hosting provider of your MOOC to learn about alternatives.

How much media can I upload and store in the service?
The allocation for storing media is determined by each UW system campus/institution. Please consult your local campus Kaltura service administrator or documentation (e.g., Knowledgebase, service web page) for information concerning existing or potential storage limits.

How long will my content be available on the Kaltura MMS?
The Kaltura MMS service is not a repository for the permanent storage or archival of digital media. It is intended to provide an efficient method to deliver active content for the duration of a course. It is the responsibility of each content author to retain the original copy of the media content for archival or other purposes.

All user content will be retained for two (2) academic years. Scheduled removal of content will be occur at the end of the spring and fall terms (end of May and end of December, respectively). This schedule is consistent with the retention guidelines for the D2L/Learn@UW service.

The aforementioned retention schedule may be adjusted according to usage patterns. Active users will be notified in advance of any change to the schedule.

What should I do with my Kaltura MMS content if I am leaving my UW institution?
Users should retain the original works that have been uploaded to the Kaltura MMS.  Users should also plan to download or delete media assets prior to the expiration of the campus account.

How long will I have access to my Kaltura MMS files that I reference in my D2L ePortfolio? Will I be able to access my files if opt to transfer my ePortfolio to the MyDesire2Learn (offered by D2L) after graduation?
As a student, your media files for course work will be available in the Kaltura MMS system for two academic years. Contact your campus Kaltura Administrator if your files need to be available for a longer period. The user may be required to re-upload files to maintain the integrity of the ePortfolio.

Currently, there is no connection between the UWS Kaltura MMS and MyDesire2Learn. You will need to plan and prepare to migrate your files to MyDesire2Learn and campus support resources may be sought to assist with the development of a strategy.

How do I seek support for use of Kaltura MMS?
Each campus has designated a local Kaltura Administrator who provides support for the use of the service. Faculty and staff should contact their local campus technology support unit for planning and training to use the service. Users should contact the campus Help Desk for support (e.g. technical issues).

How do I find out about system availability and maintenance outage schedules?
Kaltura is a cloud-based service hosted by the vendor and an important academic technology system. Information concerning scheduled maintenance and unscheduled outages will be communicated through normal campus channels as expediently as possible and listed on the UW System Outages site (http://outages.wisconsin.edu). If you have questions, contact your campus Help Desk.