My Scholarships@UW-Madison - 'Find Scholarship Applications' FAQ

Support for students going through the application process in Scholarships@UW-Madison

Why don't I match any scholarships?

There can be a couple of reasons. First, make sure that all your listed information is correct, and that you answered the 'Yes/No' questions appropriately. Second, did you already try matching scholarships? If you have, look at your 'Match Scholarships' page. The scholarships you matched to will be listed according to their attached application. Finally, it may be that your school or college doesn't have any applications running at this time. Please contact them directly for more information. Contact info can be found at the Scholarships@UW-Madison homepage.

What's the difference between an application and a scholarship?

When you apply through Scholarships@UW-Madison, you are actually searching for and completing applications. These applications may have one or more scholarships attached to them, so when you complete an application, you may be applying for many scholarships at once. To see a list of the scholarships that are available at UW-Madison, click on the 'Explore Scholarships' link on the Scholarships@UW-Madison homepage.

Why am I matching to scholarships that aren't relevant to me?

You are likely matching to them due to their lack of specific eligibility criteria (i.e. must be a Biology major, etc.). In an attempt to broaden their applicant pool or to ensure no potential applicants are excluded from applying, some scholarships are set to match to as many students as possible. For this reason, you may find that you are matching to some scholarships that don't appear appropriate moving forward. Use your discretion and apply only to those scholarships that you're interested in and pass over those that may not apply to you.

Why is my 'Year in School' and 'Major' blank?

If you are a continuing student at UW-Madison (i.e. Freshman-Senior), contact your Dean's office. If you are an incoming Freshman, incoming Transfer student, or a prospective applicant, you will not show a 'Major' or 'Year In School' on the initial screen of the matching process. Once you begin coursework at UW-Madison and/or formally declare your major, the system will accurately reflect your major. Additionally, once you formally enroll in the university, you will be assigned the appropriate year in school. Remember, you are still able to match to scholarships without a 'Major' or 'Year in School.'