Office 365 (Windows Phone 8) - Working with messages

This document will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to delete messages you no longer want in your inbox or mail folders.

Moving, deleting, or flagging a single message

You can manipulate a message while you are viewing it. Some options require that you expand the app bar by touching the More more button button.

  • delete Deletes the message, moving it to your Deleted Items folder
  • toggle flag Touching this will change the flagged status of the message. It will go from cleared to flagged to completed and then back to cleared.
  • mark as unread Marks a read message as unread
  • move Lets you move the message to a different folder.  After touching move, you can select the folder to which to move the message.

message with delete button highlighted message with app bar expanded and options highlighed

Tip: You can also delete, move, or flag a message from your inbox or other folder by touching the message and holding until a menu appears, and then touching the desired action from that menu.

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Moving, deleting, or flagging multiple messages at once

  1. Enter the selection mode by either touching the Select button on the app bar, or by touching the far left side of a message.

    inbox with select button highlighted

  2. Touch the box next to the message(s) that you with to manipulate to mark it with a check.
  3. Touch the button corresponding to the acting you wish to perform on multiple messages.  You may need to expand the app bar by touching More more button .

    inbox selction mode with options highlighted inbox selection mode with app bar expanded and options highlighted

  • delete Deletes the checked messages, moving them to your Deleted Items folder
  • move Lets you move all the checked message to a single different folder.  After touching move, you can select the folder to which to move them.
  • mark as read/unread Marks all the checked messages as read or unread.
  • set flag/complete/clear flag Changes the flagged status of all the checked messages to flagged/completed/cleared.

Tip: Moves and deletes are not pushed immediately, but are queued up until the next time the device synchronizes with the mail server.  So changes made on your device may not be immediately reflected in the Outlook Web Client or some other mail client.  You can force the device to synchronize immediately by touching the sync sync button button.

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Recovering deleted messages

When a message is deleted, it's moved to the Deleted Items folder.  If the message you want to keep is still in the Deleted Items folder you can recover it by moving it out of the Deleted Items folder into another folder.

  1. From your inbox, expand the app bar by touching More More button and then touch Folders.


  2. From the list of folders, touch Deleted Items. See Office 365 (Windows Phone 8) - Working with folders for more details about switching to and syncing folders.

    folder list with deleted items highlighted

  3. Select the messages you want to restore and move it to a different folder.
  4. You may wish to stop syncing the Deleted Items folder once you've recovered your message

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