Office 365 (Windows Phone 8) - Working with folders

This document will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to view messages in and move messages between your hierarchical folders.

Default Folders

Your account starts with these default folders:

  • Inbox Incoming messages arrive in your Inbox unless you've created an Inbox rule to redirect them to another folder, or they're identified as junk email.
  • Drafts If you create or respond to a message, but can't finish it right away, it will automatically be saved to your Drafts folder. You can come back to the message later to continue editing it, and then send it.
  • Sent Items By default, a copy of every message you send is put in your Sent Items folder.
  • Deleted Items When you delete a message, it's moved to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Junk Email Messages that have junk email characteristics but that aren't blocked by a spam filter before they reach your mailbox will automatically be moved to this folder. Office 365 - Learn about junk email and phishing has more information about your Junk Email folder.
  • Notes This is a read-only folder. You must use Outlook to create or edit items in this folder.

You may see other folders that have been created by your administrator.

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Creating, moving, and deleting folders

You cannot create, move, edit, or delete folders with the Windows Phone 8 mail client. For this, use another mail client or the Outlook web app. See Office 365 (Outlook on the web) - Working with mail folders for more details.

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Default Sync Settings

By default your Windows Phone 8 mail client will only sync your Inbox and your Sent Items folders.  You will additionally have a local drafts folder.  You can choose to sync additional folders as necessary.

When set to sync, the mail client will by default store and show all messages in that folder from the last 7 days.

To adjust the length of time for which messages are displayed:

  1. From your home screen, open the Settings settings button app.
  2. Select email+accounts. Touch the Wisc account for which you'd like to adjust the sync settings.

    settings screen with email+accounts highlighted

  3. Adjust the Download email from field to your liking. Keep in mind that syncing and downloading more email may increase storage and data usage.  You can also choose to Download new content as it arrives using push notifications or to only sync on a periodic schedule.

    mail settings with download email from highlighted

  4. Touch the Done done button.

Setting a folder to sync

  1. Open your Inbox.
  2. Touch the More more button button to expand the app bar. Then select folders.

    inbox with app bar expanded and folders highlighted

  3. Touch show all folders and select the folder that you want to begin syncing.
  4. Touch sync this folder

    folder with sync this folder highlighted

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Setting a folder to not sync

  1. Open your Inbox.
  2. Touch the More more button button to expand the app bar. Then select folders.

    inbox with app bar expanded and folders highlighted

  3. Touch the folder that you want to stop syncing.
  4. Expand the app bar with the More more button button and select Don't sync this folder.

    more menu with don't sync highlighted

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