Office 365 (iOS 7) - Add an attachment

This document explains how to add an attachment using the iOS Mail application. By default, you can only add a photo or video attachment using iOS 7.

  1. One way to send a Picture or Video using the iOS 7 Mail Application is from viewing Photos or Videos on your iOS device, you'll see a Send icon in the bottom left corner of your app. Choose this and, once you've selected the Pictures or Videos you'd like to attach, select Next for a list of Options. One of these options will be Mail.

  2. Send To Mail

The ability to attach a Photo or Video from a blank message, their is an option to Insert a Photo or Video from your device. (It should be noted that many other applications offer the ability to send the file that you're working on via an e-mail, but you need to consult the documentation for application specific procedures to do that).

  1. Tap and hold on the body of the message, and place the cursor where you want the Photo or Video to go.

  2. Place cursor

  3. Once the menu opens, tap the arrow on the right side to page to the second set of options.

  4. Second Page

  5. Select Insert Photo or Video.

  6. SelectInsertPhotoorVideo

  7. Browse out and find the Attachment you want to Insert. When you tap on the Photo or Video, it will pop up in full screen and on the bottom right corner you'll see an option called Choose, select that to choose the picture you have selected.

  8. Find Photo or Video

  9. You'll then see your Attachment in the message.

  10. Message with Photo Attached

  11. Then choose Send from the upper right hand corner.

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